AZ Company International

Welcome to the world of AZ Group of Companies

Founded more than 13 years ago, based on the successful manufacturing and trading of different diversified footwear and leather accessories, the AZ Group has now grown into a multi-million Rupees conglomerate.

With operations ranging from footwear manufacturing, trade, over seas manpower supplies from blue collars, white collar up to head hunting with successful student counseling business base covers the ample business deeds with multi corporate giants of the sphere.

From our headquarters on Lahore based on Multan Road in Lahore’s busy central corridor, the AZ Group runs a network of offices that stretch across the Pakistan and into the Gulf, Middle East and Eastern Africa. Our markets, however, reach far beyond into the Asian subcontinent, the CIS countries, Asia, Europe, Africa and America.

Over the decade, we have developed powerful partnerships with some of the world’s best brand names and principals based in East Africa, Europe and the Middle East, and many of these have grown into extraordinarily long-term relationships.

We are constantly seeking new opportunities to partner with people that are themselves looking to expand into new markets. Increasingly, these companies appreciate the advantages of partnering with AZ Group – as a venerable organization that has strengthened immeasurably over the past decade.