AZ Company International

Vision, Mission, Values & Goal

Vision Statement

AZ Group will be a leader synonymous with trust and care throughout the region and beyond, and become part of community lifestyles.

Mission Statement

AZ Group is committed to exceed customers’ expectations by striving for continual improvement and delivering excellence in products and services supported by the best management practices and a team of professionals fulfilling the stakeholders’ aspirations and goals

Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Responsibility
  • Professionalism

Business Values

  • Community Service and Partnership
  • Excellence
  • Accountability

Group Goal

“To be one of the top five in every business we manage”


AZ symbolizes what can be achieved when the private sector and national leadership share a single vision and work in partnership to realize their joint aims.

Based on the vision of founder and Chairman Mr. Zaheer Ahmad with his leadership the AZ Group continues to play a major role in the emergence of AZ group in particular, as the economic model for the business sector.

The Group has grown remarkably through a combination of aggressive marketing and the continuous addition of new agencies and businesses. From a small trading firm based in Lahore, Pakistan now have a network of subsidiaries and associate companies in over the country, Oman & Kenya capable and professional staff.

Our portfolio is as handsome as it is diversified. It ranges for example from Footwear of all kinds which ranges from safety, casual, ladies, gents and kids with catering the employment needs of different regions and trades through supplying the blue collar up to the head hunting with meeting student counseling needs successfully of the country has thrived throughout the Group’s history.

The concept of 'partnership' is the core focus of AZ group’s philosophy - partnership between government and business, between distributor and principal, between the company and the customer, and between the management and staff. It is a concept, which makes the group its own identification in the sector of trades or services which it is dealing in.

The vision, the values and the principals

'Partnership', however, means practicing a number of principles and responsibilities:
• Creating long term relationships with many agencies handled by AZ group have lasted more than 10 years

• Giving value and quality service
Fulfilling the needs of customers is more important than selling a product

• Achieving mutual benefits
both parties in a transaction must be satisfied and happy – AZ enjoys a high level of repeat business

• Giving and receiving trust and loyalty
a large number of AZ group’s staff have been with the company for more than 10 years.

• Delegating authority, not simply delegating responsibility
Staff are encouraged to develop and then empowered to implement their own ideas. As a result, AZ group has established a reputation for innovative and exciting marketing initiatives

Rapid Expansion of AZ Group

The rapid expansion of AZ group, however, has been achieved not only through adherence to these values and principles, but also through the broadened vision of the founder and zealous team of the AZ group.